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Oh, Hell follows a group of troubled teens shipped off to boarding school after their parents have “HAD IT!” What the parents didn’t know is that the Academy is actually in Hell.

Set in a world that was created in a long ago unsold screenplay The Imp (not the Adam Sandler film) written by George Wassil and Michael Connell when they met at an UCLA extension course. Since then Wassil and Michael have collaborated in the deveiopment of several feature film scripts.


– The Creative Team –

Michael Connell

Michael Connell, Game of Shadows

Michael Connell was born and educated in the United Kingdom (we don’t hold that against him). He has worked in the feature film industry for 35 years in many editorial capacities but mainly as a Music Editor in both the United States and Europe on such films as Heat, Interview With The Vampire, Dangerous Liaisons and Desperado. More recently he has worked on Unknown, Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows and Wrath of the Titans. He is currently working on an international thriller in the UK.

George Wassil

G. Wassil

The blame for the writing of Oh, Hell the graphic novel can be laid squarely at Wassil’s feet. About 20 years ago Wassil came across a Matt Groening cartoon depicting a tombstone with the engraving “Would you mind reading my screenplay.” He is that guy. Over the last 25 years he has had something like 8 screenplays optioned all of which resulted in no movies, no agent, no manager, no money, a little money, a little more money and yes, even the proverbial bad check. At present, a screenplay he co-wrote with Steve Lipscomb (yes, the same Steve Lipscomb that started WPT) is in development. Over the years Wassil had the great fortune to meet a goodly number of kind and talented people and it was through one of those people, Christina Strain, that he was introduced to the talented young artist…

Dave Hamann

Dave Hamann, modestly self-described as a “Professional Comic Artist and delightfully unpleasant freelance penguin bigot”, took on the task of transforming words on a page into compelling character design, layouts, pencils, and inks. It is hard to describe the feeling that a writer has when he sees the words that tumble about inside his head, suddenly living on the page. It is no small feat to make them living breathing characters and Dave has done just that. You can check out more of Dave’s work at: http://www.davehamann.blogspot.com/ and http://apathy-inc.deviantart.com. As if bringing the characters of Oh, Hell to life wasn’t enough, it was Dave who insisted that there was only one colorist who was right for this project…

Michael Birkhofer

Michael Birkhofer

Michael Birkhofer, another young talent, began working professionally as a freelance colorist in 2008, cutting his teeth on the Dutch Language Misschien, Nooit, and Ooit published by V.O.Stripgilde en KSbooks, in Belgium. In 2010, Michael began working freelance with HiFi Design on a number of comic and illustrated books for DC, Marvel, Disney, Image, Darkhorse, and others. You can check out some of his work in Justice League: Gen Lost, Superman, Fleshdigger, Flash Annual, Green lantern #63, Omac, Superboy, Titans, Trublood, Justice League, Ravagers, Worlds finest, Sword of Sorcery as well as Marvel Hardcover, An Origin Series of illustrated books. Michael has an upcoming title Virga: sun of Suns from Blind Ferret Entertainment. You can view more of Michael’s work at:


Troy Peteri

Rounding out the creative team is yet another young talent, letterer, Troy Peteri., who after being bitten by a radioactive drifter, was gifted with the proportional speed and strength of a freelancer who can labor at his desk and produce 33 hours of work in each and every 24 hour day. Troy has lettered many comics, and written a few. He hopes to rearrange the last part of that sentence in the very near future. He has worked on everything from Amazing Spider-Man to Witchblade, and surely something obscure that started with X, Y, or Z, but that’s neither here nor there.

We’ve put together a creative team with experienced (code speak for old) storytellers and young talented artists. The one thing we all have in common is a desire to create a memorable story

– Why this Story? –

By this point in my life it’s expected that I should have figured out something about the meaning of it all. Near as I can tell our time here is little more than a day-pass at some unknowable metaphysical amusement park filled with a myriad of rides both thrilling and mundane.

Some rides you know from the first exhilarating moment that this was meant for you: it speaks to you, it steals your heart, it fills your life. When it comes to a stop, you beg to ride again and when you’re told you’ve got to move along, you sprint for the exit and hurry to get back onboard. Other rides scare the crap out of you from the very start but once you’ve had a chance to catch your breath, you’re ready to go again. Then there’s the rides where you’re glad you did it but once in a lifetime is enough. And finally there’s the ones you wish you had never taken.

Oh, Hell is a ride I’ve enjoyed from it’s very first moment. If you’ve decided to ride along with us for awhile, hang on. I have no idea where we’re headed. All I know is that there’s still some time left on my day-pass and I’m going to get the most out of it that I can. I hope the same for you as well.

Let’s go.

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    You’ve definitely got me hooked and I am very eager to see what happens