It’s All About Hope

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If you’ve been following us, then you know that there’s an anger that burns deep within Zoel. From the moment we find her in that dumpster, to page 50 when she tries to land a left cross on Zipper, she fights. But why? It would be easier if she just went along, yielded to the motto of her new home, “Relinquite omnem spem vos qui intratis.”

Zipper too is fueled by a rage. We know he has more than enough reason to abandon hope, yet here we are at the end of Chapter 2 and Zipper is carrying Zoel off in his arms. Perhaps there is a ray of hope for each of them but how can that make any difference at all when you’re in Hell?

We’re going to take a short two-week hiatus. While we do, I’d like to ask for your help. By now you’ve figured out that I’m a social media moron but social media is the new yardstick that everyone uses to gauge the success of new endeavors. I “like” things when I truly like them not when they can boost some numbers (I haven’t played the “I’ll like you if you like me” game since I was in kindergarten and that was way too many years ago). So, while we get things ready for Chapters 3 and 4, tell a friend about Oh, Hell or give us some love on any of your favorite social media sites.

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  • Kid Chaos

    I loathe a hiatus (hint, hint!). 😉