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Michael had 13 pages of coloring left and then we go to print!

Pages left 13

2014 Geekie10/20/2014

Last week Dave finished the final page of line art for Oh, Hell, so now the complete final chapter is in Michael’s inbox waiting for coloring. Michael says we can lay the blame on him for any delays but that would not be at all fair. For the past 2 1/2 years both David and Michael have given me their very best work and I am really proud of the result. Just as soon as we ship the completed book off to the printer, we’ll resume posting here online – George

Oh, Hell where have you gone? Short answer – we’re still here but we’re on hiatus. “WTF WHY?!”Layouts for the final 19 pages of the book have been completed and Dave is now onto pencils and inks. Michael continues coloring and is about 10 pages behind Dave so I can see the end is near for Volume 1.

We’re on hiatus because I feel strongly that I owe a debt of gratitude to the people who supported us on Kickstarter. Their backing of an unknown writer to the tune of over $14,000 enables me to do a high quality printing of the complete 200+ page book; consequently, I want the book in their hands before we begin posting the final chapters online. I’ll resume posting David and Michaels incredible art as soon as I ship the final files off to the printer, hopefully sometime in October.

On another note, Oh, Hell was the Geekie Awards 2014 Winner for Comics & Graphic Novels. You can check out the video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYcEVghC6ZM&feature=youtu.be If you’re in San Diego October 17 – 19, stop by the San Diego Comic Fest http://www.sdcomicfest.org/ I’ll be on a panel discussing life in the inde world and wandering around in awe of all the talent.

As for Zoel, Zipper and Alesse, someone will lose their soul to the eternal oblivion of The Pit; afterall – it’s Hell – George